Slagle is a twenty-five year veteran of the comedy club circuit, and has performed throughout North America. His edgy style has made him a cult hero, and a favorite of his peers. He wages a war against political correctness, and fights for Truth and Justice in a time when speaking your mind is a crime more heinous than treason.

His latest CD, Europa, was recently released, and is tearing up the airwaves on the XM and Sirius satellite radio networks. It is a satirical exercise in deconstruction of conventional wisdom, and social conventions. Punchline magazine called: "partly educational, primarily humorous and undoubtedly brave, like most good comedy should be."

In a recent poll published on, comedian Tim Slagle was rated Americas number one political pundit. Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart tied for second place. He is a contributing editor to Liberty Magazine, and has had articles published by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

He performs at prestigious political functions and for major think-thanks nationwide. Give a listen to some of his material and you'll see why.

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