Tim Gaither was born in southern Arkansas and raised rather dysfunctionally in the Midwest. The family always struggled to make ends meet and, as such, moved rather frequently usually in the middle of the night. The constant moving forced Tim to adapt to new surroundings on a regular basis. Always the new kid. Tim relied on humor to make friends and defuse tense situations.

Upon his debut into the comedy world, Tim Gaither quickly established himself as a gifted comic. Blessed with natural timing and the ability to make up characters on command, he is, in a word hilarious - making audiences across the country scream with laughter. The right people are starting to take notice as Tim is a headliner after only five years in the business. It's only a matter of time before Tim Gaither is a household name. In the meantime, he will be touring the countruy enjoying the journey and doing what he was born to do.

Tim Gaither

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