Comedian/Singer/Songwriter Tim Dimond is quickly becoming one of his mother’s favorite comedians. And if online psychic’s predictions are worth the $47.50 he paid, he will be one of your favorites too. Don’t believe me? Just listen to this glowing endorsement from Tim Dimond himself: “Tim Dimond is not that bad”. Still not impressed? What if I told you Tim Dimond owns an iPod? Would that make you come out to see him perform? If it does, please let me know so that I can inform Tim to purchase a laptop. A regular at the Pittsburgh Improv and colleges that are smart enough to book him, Tim promises to never* disappoint. So put down your copy of US Weekly and go out and reserve your ticket to see this sarcastic son-of-a-bitch.

Tim Dimond

My Clips

3 stars
Not a Hit With the Ladies

Tim Dimond may not be a hit with the ladies but that doesn't mean he can't watch them undress through their window.

3 stars
Two Dudes at Subway

Tim Dimond is the new "Jared" of Subway.

3 stars
Accelerate Your Life

Tim discusses the horrible marketing strategies of the United States military.

3 stars
Famous Potheads

A lot of people are getting busted for marijuana these days...

3 stars
One Hell of a Trip

Tim gives advice on what not to do while using magic mushrooms

5 stars
Marijuana's illegal

Tim Dimond pontificates the perplexing irony and behind the criminalization of marijuana.

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