Mo Welch is a former radio host to the worst show to ever hit the airwaves.

Welch is a cast member at The Lincoln Lodge in Chicago, as well as the host and producer of The Mo Show.

She likes doing different types of comedy.

Mo Welch

My Clips

3 stars
WNBA Heckler

Mo Welch is engaging in pleasantries typically reserved for a female suitor.

3 stars
Barbie Heartbreak

Barbie is used to being pampered in New York City's finest hotels, but those hotel rooms remind her of her lost love.

2 stars
3 stars
Man in the Iron Mask II

The cruel King Louis XIV of France has a secret twin brother who he keeps imprisoned. Can the twin be substituted for the real king? Yes. He did. NOW...see what happens when the cruel one gets out of prison after a college student finds him. The mask didn't age him and now he is the USA and can't fit in. Mo Welch as Leonardo DiCaprio as King Louis XIV David Buddy Heeley as Charles Ali Clayton as Wendy Michael Glaser as Coffee Dude. Shot by Mike Weldon, Edited by Chris Pagnozzi

2 stars

WARNING: You are entering an EXTREME zone. Don't forget your complimentary EXTREME ponchos, provided to you at the EXTREME entrance. EXTREME stunts performed by some EXTREME women, under EXTREME circumstances, on an EXTREME Saturday afternoon. STUNTS! Claire Beitcher, Cameron Esposito, Jackie Keough and Mo Welch

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