"In Melbourne I’m a regular at The Comedy Club, mainly as M.C. now, Young and Jackson’s and most of the other rooms as well as many footy clubs and corporate stuff, I have also worked the Sydney circuit, Brisbane, Auckland and back in my own place, London. I have been heard on radio stations throughout Australia on many of the home grown humour series. On the comedy Channel, Byte Size Comedy. On A.B.C. T.V. Raw Comedy National Final 2001. Channel 31s Champagne Comedy and the Comic Box. Melbourne International Comedy Festival, "Who’s Shout is it Anyway" With Dave County and Adam Palmer, which we still tour now. Canberra Multicultural Festival, "Show us your root’s 3" with Steve Abbot, Greg Fleet, Hung Lee. In the 2007 Melbourne Comedy Festival I hosted the very succesfull "BEST OF BRITISH" and also hosted the BESTA FESTA at the Melbourne Comedy Club. I’ve worked as M.C. and supported just about every one there is to work with in this game. I’ve played in theatre’s to audiences of 1500 plus and in R.S.Ls to 3 people. Do you know the best thing about doing comedy, never mind the bullshit and the politics, it’s making people laugh, it’s doing comedy." -Terry North

Terry North

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