Teddy Smith Performs comedy at The Comic Strip Live in New York City.

Teddy Smith


My Clips

3 stars
Talking Shit

Teddy Smith is talking that trash.

3 stars

Teddy Smith delves into the latin roots of "retarded."

3 stars
Illegal drugs

Teddy Smith is sticking to his illegal drugs. Good plan, Teddy!

3 stars
Give a girl a stick

Teddy Smith knows, if you give a girl a stick, she's got a stick.

5 stars
That Black Cop Gave Me a Ticket

Teddy Smith got a ticket from an African American police officer.

5 stars
The N Word is a Habit

Teddy Smith learned something about the "N" word.

5 stars
Swearing in Biblical Times

Teddy Smith curses with emotion.

5 stars
5 stars
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