Many years ago, a young Teague Hayes found himself torn between the worlds of Jack Benny, George Burns, as well as those of Steve Martin and Woody Allen. Since then he has been bridging those worlds together and adding his own unique twist, with results as smooth as a perfect martini. Teague will leave no audience member behind with his accessible approach to intellectual humor, and intellectual approach to the most accessible humor. Dancing between and successfully blending a sophisticated old-school tone with a new-school style, Teague Hayes will keep you on the edge of your seat laughing at the things your mother told you not to.

If you’re looking to entertain your patrons, party goers, partners or friends, look no further! When it comes to comedy, Teague Hayes has one motto: “No crowd too old, no crowd too young” and “No brow too high, no brow too low”. That may be two mottos, but you know the old saying; “You can never have too many…old sayings”. goodness that too cheesey? or just cheesey enough? cheesey like a fox, suckah!

Teague Hayes
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