Taj is a comic performing in Atlanta. "I love talking about current events as well as social stereotypes", says Clarence of his stand-up routine and he also admits that his inspiration for doing comedy comes from his wife and piers.

Clarence first realized that he had a funny side when his wife kept suggesting that he do comedy. She was convinced that he should do it because of how hard he was working to make her laugh.

His brand of comedy is "clean" and is occasionally referenced to as "smart" comedy.

He randomly jokes about always being dressed in professional business attire so that he can hide all of his biker tattoos but the truth is that he just likes dressing professional on stageā€¦ and he's usually hitting the stage right after work.

His reason for branching out to do comedy is because he loves making people laugh while sharing his point of view about things going on around him and in the world. Clarence is also looking to add "radio show host" to his resume one day.

Taj Turner

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