I AM TOO SMART FOR MY OWN GOOD, I WILL TRY ANYTHING AT LEAST ONCE, I WILL NEVER BACK DOWN FROM A DARE OR LOSE A BET! DON'T BELIEVE ME? TRY ME... I DARE YOU!!!!.... This is MY space. It might come off a little arrogant but I work hard and believe in myself. If I don't love and believe in myself I would never expect anyone else to. Once you get to know me you will appreciate my confidence and my willingness and ability to have a GoOd TiMe!!! I believe that we are constantly limiting ourselves. If I only try something new everyday, it will open my eyes to new possibilities. KNOWLEDGE is POWER and since most people make use of only a small part of their mental resources, most people remain average... I try not to celebrate mediocrity by not limiting myself. I THINK I CAN and I WILL and will have insane amounts of fun doing it...YOU WAIT AND SEE :

Sylvie Manaigre


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