Starting standup comedy in Brisbane in 1998, Stuart has performed in
Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart & Brisbane and all places in between. His
stand-up comedy has lead him to the Melbourne International Comedy
Festival four times, 3 with listed shows, where Stuart became the only
Brisbane based comedian to return to the festival with shows three times.

Stuart's style is a little bit arrogant, but then again so is Stuart and
at least he's honest. He's a big man, and doesn't try and hide the fact,
and the crowds love him. well... apart from that one guy that took
exception to Stuart admiring his Girlfriends breasts.

Stuart has worked in most clubs in Australia and supported such
comedic icons as, Akmal Saleh, Bruno Lucia, Denise Scott, Rove, Steady
Eddie, Fred Lang, Scared Weird Little Guys, Chris Franklin, Eddie Ift
USA, Gordan SouthernUK, Matt King Aus, Austen Tayshus, Adam Hills,
Mikey D, Fiona O'Laughlin, Kitty Flanigan etc, and is looking forward to
the day when other comics will put his name in a long list of funny
comedians they have worked with...

Stuart Fisher
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