Good morning ladies and gents, I'm an aspiring comic living in Rochester, MN. Most people starting out in comedy aspire to one day move to California or New York to make it big. I figured that was to easy, I was born and raised in so cal and decided lets try and make it big here. I'm sure one day ill sit down and try and figure out just what the hell i did wrong. Until then ill have fun and enjoy myself onstage.

Steven Tovar

My Clips

3 stars
Obama the rock star

Barack Obama's popularity as our first black president...

3 stars
Missing AA meetings

Watch as I try and explain why I couldn't make it

3 stars
First communion

How Catholics worship

3 stars
Obamas got there dog

A joke about the first families pet

3 stars
Obama G20 Summit

How they saved the world

3 stars
Hillary finally blows something

How did Hillary Clinton get her job anyway?

3 stars
Handjob and a new car

Some of the things I've had to cut back on since loosing my job

3 stars
Standing in a soup line

Losing my job what fun

3 stars
Visiting a dry county

Life in rual Arkansas

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