At the impressionable age of 16, Steve Mingolla had his life turned upside down. His father decided it was a good time to move the family away from New York. And what could possibly be a better place other than Lubbock, TX? The story behind that would later become his act.

After attending three years of college and several different majors, a jack-of-all-trades seemed to be Steve’s life calling. While studying acting at Kopiolani Community College in Hawaii location for Magnum PI Studios, a talent contest was taking place at the university and Steve was urged to enter as a comedian. The thrill of making a room full of people laugh had him hooked. And although he didn’t win the contest took second, comedy would forever change his life.

In the fall of 86, Steve dropped out of college and landed a job as a doorman at The “World Famous” Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA. It was there that he learned from and worked with comics such as Sam Kinison, Louie Anderson, Gary Shandling, Dennis Miller and many more. Pauly Shore, incidentally, was just a 17 yr. old, snot nosed Beverly Hills brat at the time whose mother happens to own the club. On one fateful occasion Dennis Miller offered to watch Steve perform at a club called Igby’s in Santa Monica. After his set, Dennis took Steve aside to offer a perspicacious analysis. Dennis said, “Stevie, I’ve been doing comedy for fourteen years, I can say f*#@ anytime I can’t!” It was at that moment Mingolla realized, even though many comedians have become quite successful through the use of explicit language, it just didn’t sound right coming out of his mouth. After all, Steve is the “nice guy”.

Containing an arsenal of characters and voices along with a slew of topics, Steve’s act has universal appeal. He often cracks himself up on stage and has a very contagious laugh. Being a fifteen yr. comedy veteran and a clean act has him booked solid all year, every year. Steve has also done numerous radio and TV commercial spots, was a losing contestant on both “The Dating Game” and “Love Connection”, and does many corporate events throughout the year.

In this day and age of political correctness, there seems to be a lot of cynicism going around. Many of today’s comics choose to talk about what many consider as “edgy” material. Not Steve, he still views life with a child-like consciousness, “I’d rather laugh at life than bitch about it.” He just can’t help being a nice guy. That is what he is.

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