Steve Lee maybe the only Chinese Disable Stand-Up Comedian working in America. His comedy is mainly centered around living with disability and racism, and his content is remarkably original. Rather than being encumbered by stereotypes, Steve is vitalized by them, and winks back at us through their transparencies. He blends storytelling and punchlines to convey his belief that we are all equal - equally ignorant, fallible, weird, and wanting to be free. For Steve, comedy is a way to get people to laugh about their own shortcomings, including himself. Audiences are left feeling like they've witnessed a rare talent at work.

His act has a level of polish one would expect from a two-decade veteran, and it has won him expanding fanbases on two continents. He is a staple at comedy clubs in the Bay Area, where he lives, and has been the opening act for headliners like Brad Williams and Brent Weinbach. He also performs frequently in Hong Kong, China, leading many to suspect that he may be a spy. He isn't. Or is he?

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