Firetruck salesman turned comedian? Two occupations Steve's guidance counselor told him weren't even real jobs. Indeed they are.

Steve Hartman

My Clips

3 stars
3 stars
3 stars
Manhandling Breasts

Steve Hartman is no stranger to a gentle caress and a careless whisper.

3 stars
They Shaved Me

Steve Hartman has been shorned like a daggy-tailed sheep.

5 stars
Self Diagnosed

Steve Hartman listens to Dr. Penis MD. That guy should be fired!

3 stars
Office People

Steve Hartman is taking it out on Karen, from work. Does she deserve it? Yeah! I hate you, Karen!

3 stars
Went Deer Hunting

Steve Hartman went to his buddy's cabin and the rest is too hot for TV!

3 stars
Polite Children

Steve Hartman puts the figurative lotion in the basket because he's a polite child of the 80's.

5 stars
Make A Wish

Steve Hartman looks like he has various terminal illnesses.

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