Steve Callif kal' liff as in "California" is able to combine music and comedy in a way that allows the audience to enjoy participating in the show. People are amazed at his impressions and song parodies. Steve's show is a refreshing break from the straight stand-up type of comedy.

Call it "comedy with a beat," "music with a punch-line," "musi-comedy" or simply call his stand-up act "an artful combination of music and comedy." That is what the New Jersey entertainment magazine "The Whoot" wrote after Steve's performance at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.

His innovative act is a fusion of wry comedy and sly licks – from Jimi Hendrix to Madonna, rap to country, grunge to blues. Utilizing his years of experience as a professional musician and singer, Steve uses his musical gifts as instruments of humor on stage. As he says, his guitar is not a prop – it is a love object! Steve has appeared on HBO, Comedy Central and BET and has performed with Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen and others.

Steve Callif
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