Steve Allison knows how to make people laugh, and as soon as Steve picks up the microphone, it’s obvious.

He commands attention, and laughter is the best way to get it. With a cool and casual approach, hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed his clever style of comedy. The confidence and experience earned from performing over a thousand live shows is clear.

He is funny! With a natural sense of humour and quick wit, Steve’s show is a well crafted mix of snappy one-liners, hilarious stories, funny home truths and current topics. It’s Aussie humour at its best.

Steve Allison was born into show business, his parents The Allison’s were Australia’s top sight act for over thirty years. His dad always said as long as you live under this roof, you will do things my way. So Steve had to come home from school everyday drunk, and tell mum a joke.

Stand out performances in comedy clubs has led to countless corporate gigs, international tours and television appearances.

Steve Allison is a genuine larrikin, with a love of life and fun and laughter.

Steve Allison
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