Kevin "Squishy Man" Barber, LSCSW, LCSW
Traveling Therapist, "Comedy Counselor"

“It’s the Best Hour You'll Ever Spend in Therapy, Without a Huge Co-Pay!" - Chicago Tribune

Kevin "Squishy Man" Barber, LSCSW, LCSW, is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Public Speaker, and Entertainer. He specializes in providing a 1-Hour "Dose of Laughter Therapy." Kevin uses his childhood name,"Squishy" to show life isn't that serious and it's ok to be silly.

Kevin discusses everyday topics like; Repaying Student Loans, Office Politics, Step Parenting, Living with Diabetes, Being Multiracial, Changing Careers, Outsourcing, and dealing with the dreaded, "Midlife Crisis." Kevin uses "Squishy" to dissect the funniness in everything.

Squishy has had a humble beginning... He is one of eight children. He is the son of an Irish/German Mother and an African/American Father. Squishy's Grandfather was a "Knight of the KKK" and his Dad was a member of the "Black Panther Party." Funny is in his genes/jeans...!

Squishy performs over 42 weeks per year in clubs, colleges, and corporations.
His performance is rated "PG-17" with some Adult content. Mature topics but not offensive.

Squishy Man
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