Awkward? Yes. Mustachioed? Very. Funny? He has a mustache. Born and raised in Harrisburg, North Carolina, Spencer broke onto the Charlotte comedy scene in 1909 with his off-beat and whimsical humor that can only be described as extremely silly - to the MAX.

After graduating from UNC in 1907, Spencer a.k.a. Korean Chocolate took the road less traveled - straight to his parents basement, where he sat in his underwear selling his baseball card collection on eBay. Following his all-too-successful venture, he decided to venture out of his previous venture into his calling - to make people feel funny inside. Making them laugh is okay too. From his ambiguous height to murderous squirrels, Spencer brings a totally refreshing point of view on the simplest everyday things while poking fun at his rather silly childhood.

Spencer Yoo
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