Spencer King is an up and coming comedy superstar. He's just making his way across the country convincing everyone else.
Spencer has been featured in competitions and festivals across the country including the Seattle International Comedy Competition and North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. His style is considered by some as clean, but slightly irreverent. He'll make you laugh at things like homelessness, evil penguins, and a crashing plane full of puppies.

Spencer King


My Clips

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Thats How Married I Am

Spencer King is so married! How married is he? He's SOOO married, that he's married.

3 stars
Being a Stay at Home Dad

Spencer King stays at home with his Dad. I guess he's a pretty cool guy and a great checkers player!

3 stars
Fighting Depression with Animals

Spencer King has found nature's mood elevator. I'll give you a clue what it is: It has fur and you beat it with a newspaper.

3 stars
New Father Fears

Spencer King has kept his newborn alive for over 4 months! We're impressed!

3 stars
Designer Onesie

Spencer King is a big boy and puts on his jammies by himself. He just learned how to zip his own onesie!

4 stars
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