Watch Spark Tabor perform his stand up comedy at the world famous Go Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati

Spark Tabor

My Clips

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Listening Between the Lines

Spark Tabor delves into the deeper meaning of musical lyrics.

5 stars
Rap Genius

Spark Tabor is a better rapper than 99.9% of the rappers out there.

5 stars
Race In The Bedroom

Spark Tabor likes a dip in the other side of the pool.

5 stars
Shushed in Public

Spark Tabor recalls an emotionary moment while he was watching I am Legend.

5 stars
Mario Sex Party

Spark Tabor has an interesting Mario Kart experience.

5 stars

Spark Tabor is excited about his new Valentine.

4 stars
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