Slim is a comedy natural and a MUST see for those who like their comedy with a subtle dose of reality! One of North America's top storytellers, Slims sage like humor has a youthful twist that is both brutally honest and seriously funny. The Louisiana born Texas native began her comedy career in Houston, TX at the legendary Laff Stop Comedy Club in 1999. The Houston comedy scene at that time was noted for developing comics who would boldly take on risky subjects that others would desperately avoid, and Slim is no exception. Recanting her own true life reality check, Slim onstage is a ball of freewheeling, good-humored energy that is physical and expressive, covering subjects that range from cultural and social mishaps to things you wish you would have said, and things you wish you didn't.

Rising quickly through the comedy circuit, Slim became a nationally touring comic in 2001 and was an international headliner by 2004. She was featured in the comedy documentaries "The Circuit" and "Red, White and Bitch". In 2007 Slim joined up with - THE Online Comedy Underground. As a feature comic on Rooftop Comedy which films live from comedy clubs around the world, Slim is a part of the growing web based streaming video networks and can be seen on web channels such as "DailyMotion", "Truveo", "Sling", and "Hulu". Slim is a comic who truly loves being a comedian and her heart is on the stage, so seeing her live is an experience! No matter what your age, sex or race Slim will make you laugh, period.

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