Sian started gigging in 2004, when she reached the semi-final of the BBC Talent search on her third gig. Things went swimmingly a few more times, then a bad gig put her off doing anything comedy for about 6 months. After that, she continued in a rather half-arsed manner until she realized actually writing material she liked, making an effort and occasionally brushing her hair all helped matters a lot.

2007 has seen her developing from an alright open spot to doing 20 minute slots, MC-ing, doing improv and carting about her popular character act Amy Blacksmith to anyone that will listen. Fuelled by an even higher level of arrogance than in her younger years, Sian got back into acting and is currently recovering from her Fringe show Bevan and Browne are Terrified with the fabulous Niall Browne, where we were called "two very confident and funny performers who produce a very funny show" by Fresh Air FM.

Sian Bevan
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