I'm a wife, mom, comic, radio chick, actress, human, and lover of chaos.


If deliciously dysfunctional humor is what you crave, then Shelly Alexis has your dish.....or better yet, your glass. She has funny, edgy comedy with completely original premises and twists. If your house was burning, Shelly would bring a steak, invite you to the bbq and get another five minutes of stage time. Shelly Alexis is a no-prisoners, stage-walking, sharp talkin, comic. Everyone in Shelly's life is up for the roasting from her demonic little boy to her overly enhanced best friend. But to get a full description of Shelly Alexis, just look on the back of a bottle of wine,"Soft and round in flavor with a well-balanced structure, this Cabernet is complimented by a hint of spice and a subtle floral note." Enjoy your glass of Shelly Alexis today!

Listen to me on "Stand Up And Laugh" on www.fishbowlradionetwork.com Blue Bowl on Wednesdays from 9-11am :

I also hosted and wrote for a national TV show called "Body Shots" on MAVTV....and 16 euro countries most of them I can't pronounce ;


“Her comic skills are impeccable.” –Mark-Brian Sonna from Pegasus News
“I don't laugh out loud at comedy clips a lot. You just made me do it...SOBER. THAT, my new friend puts you in a bracket FAR above many.” –Comedy Booker & Sister of Ron White- Shea White
“Caught her at the Improv Wednesday night. Very funny, edgy comedy with completely original premises and twists.” –Comedy Critic- Don Lokke

Shelly Alexis


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