Shane Mauss was just back with Team Coco on Mar 9th for his first appearance on the new show. In 2010 Shane had his first TV special <i>Comedy Central Presents: Shane Mauss</i> and released his first CD <i>Jokes To Make My Parents Proud</i> with Comedy Central Records which was named in the Top 10 Albums of 2010 by Punchline Magazine. You can also hear him regularly on <i>The Bob and Tom Show</i>.
Shaneâ??s other TV credits include three appearances on <i>Late Night with Conan Oâ??Brien</i>, an appearance on <i>Jimmy Kimmel Live!</i>, Comedy Centralâ??s <i>Live at Gotham</i>, Showtimeâ??s <i>Comics Without Borders</i>, Two appearances on BBCâ??s <i>The World Stands Up</i>, what is easily his strangest television appearance to date: Playboy TVâ??s <i>Night Calls</i>.

Shane Mauss

My Clips

3 stars
3 stars
3 stars
Fight or Flight

Shane Mauss is a fighter and a winner!

3 stars

Shane Mauss is punching the clock at the old factory. Ugh.

3 stars
Best Road Rage Ever

Shane Mauss starts some stuff with the wrong woman. Rookie mistake, Shane.

3 stars
Rosetta Stone

Shane Mauss is building his confidence by learning a new language.

5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
Butt Screamer

Shane Mauss is not afraid to treat your butthole like a microphone.

5 stars
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