Applying smooth charisma to a layer of explosive energy, topped off with unforgettable characters sure to permanently reside in your brain, Seaton Smith leaves his audience in a state of comedic euphoria as he killed performing on Opie and Anthony â??Virusâ?? tour and the â??New Facesâ?? show at Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He also is a online phenom signing a deal with Sierra Mist where he was able to showcase his chops at producing the skit â??Pimpin Referee.â?? And heâ??s a youtube favorite with his popular webseries, Annoy Charlie Smith Inc.

Seaton Smith

My Clips

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Crack in Prisons

Do you know how they get crack in prisons now?

3 stars
When Animals Attack Parody

See a vicious attack of a deer on an innocent bystandered

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