I've accomplished a lot of my goals in comedy like writing a book, writing for a network TV show, releasing comedy CD's and DVD's, making brief appearances on TV...I also should mention that none of these things actually bring anyone to my shows.

My material is focused on the dark truths of my personal life. I'm living a life I never expected to be living, as I'm a breeder who now feels great pressure to create a good childhood for my brood.

I'm just your typical comic filled with narcissism and self-loathing. I'm such a comedic cliche.

Go to my website, scottcomedy.com
This is where I tell crazy stories from the road and spout off more than half-baked ideas about standup.

Scott Long


My Clips

5 stars
Kids in Teams

Kids in teams can be overwhelming.

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Wisconsin Is Great

Scott Long loves Wisconsin so much he's going to marry it.

5 stars
The Genesis of Teabagging

Scott Long is a historian of sorts. He specializes in getting tea bagged by former athletes.

5 stars
Job Interview Heckler

Scott Long's greatest weakness is that he's a perfectionist and he's too hard on himself.

5 stars
Door to Door Kids

Scott Long is helping sexual predators everywhere by spouting his out-of-the-box sales ideas for children.

5 stars
Drug Testing Hypocrisy

Scott Long only dates women who can give him clean urine so he can pass his comedian drug tests.

5 stars
Macho Minivan

Scott Long used to be a cool guy.

5 stars
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