He’s that guy. You almost feel like you know him when he takes the stage. “Hey, he looks like the guy we met over at what’s his face’s”. Scott is a large man, wide and thick like a lineman who really likes pasta. Like a bouncer at a hippie bar or the guy you don’t want sitting in front of you at the movies. His long red pony tail tumbles down the middle of his back and nearly touches his waist. His voice is kind yet deliberate. His unique observations about his own physical deficiencies would almost seem sad if it weren’t so cleverly worded and delivered with smiling sparkling eyes. It’s like the Pillsbury Dough Boy has had a bad day and he’s trying to explain it to you. It’s not nice to laugh at other people’s pain, but Scott brings you in close almost like the audiences are members of his therapy group. Laughing at Scott’s “shortcomings” often makes you feel much better about your own. His unique phraseology and twisted descriptions may just enter your own vocabulary if you are not careful. An evening with Scott Bird will leave you laughing and content. You will have seen a very unique comedian who is easy to love and even easier to laugh at. Scott’s show contains adult language, adult situations, and is not suited for kids or the faint of heart

Scott Bird

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