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Sapna Kumar

My Clips

3 stars
Creative Ways to Cope with Unemployment

Comedian Sapna Kumar shares her creative techniques for coping with unemployment.

3 stars
You Know Why You're Gay? Because...

Sapna Kumar talks about her mom searching for reasons as to why her daughter is gay.

3 stars
Sapna's Mother: A Woman Who Did Too Much

Sapna Kumar shares a story about her parents, and her mother's tendency to do it all.

3 stars
Sapna Kumar's Sister Mocks Her Career Choice

Sapna Kumar jokes about her sister making fun of her "career" as a comedian.

3 stars
Indian father and his malapropisms

Sapna Kumar, an Indian American comic, shares about her father and his way of pressuring his kids and mispronouncing words.

3 stars
Feeling Like a Facebook Loser

Sapna Kumar quips about what's it like to be unemployed and read people's FB status updates when they have a lot going on in their lives.

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