Sandra Risser is smart, funny and older than Twinkies! She's eccentric not crazy, drives in the fast lane and claims she can still bench press 500 grams. She believes in the tooth fairy, Santa Clause and clean underwear.

Her Motto: "If you miss your ex, reload and fire again!"

Sandra is a quick witted, vibrant comic.

Her impressive credits include one woman shows at the Edinburgh, Scotland; Brighton, England; Santa Cruz, CA and Rogue, Fresno CA Fringe Festivals. She was in the SheDot Comedy Festival in Toronto, Canada and the Sacramento Comedy Festival in Sacramento CA. Sandra was a semi-finalist in The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas NV and is the winner of the Killer Laughs, Go Baby Productions Winner Take All and Battle of the Sexes Comedy Competitions.

Sandra has entertained audiences with laugh filled performances at nationally renowned comedy clubs like the Comedy Store-Hollywood, San Francisco Punchline & Cobbs-San Francisco, Ice House-Pasadena, Jokers Comedy Club-Richland and San Jose Improv. She's featured for nationally known comics such as Paula Bel, Larry "Bubbles" Brown, Huck Flyn, Andrew Norelli, Kirk McHenry, Del Van Dyke, Honest John, Dan St Paul.

Sandra is an accomplished actor and speaker. She was featured in the dark comedy "Help Wanted", earned 3 "Artie" nomination for best supporting actress and won her division's "Toastmaster's International Speech Contest".

Sandra builds a unique bond with the audience as she shares stories about her own journey from youth to young adult to middle aged and beyond. She continues to live her life to the fullest. Whether she's using self deprecating humor doing standup comedy or being more serious when giving motivational seminars, she is an inspiration to her audiences. When people leave, they know they've seen a unique talent and that "age is just a state of mind".

Sandra Risser
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