Sammy is a stand-up comedian from Fremont, CA.

Sammy Obeid

My Clips

3 stars
Discrete Math Jokes

Sammy Obeid is getting numerical on that ass.

3 stars
Hungry Then A Mother

Sammy Obeid be all like dang dude.

3 stars

Sammy Obeid messed with the wrong bull and got the systematic horns.

3 stars
Taking A Moment To Stop Child Hunger

Sammy Obeid stopped child hunger in a mere moment.

5 stars
Kids Are Better At Technology

Sammy Obeid is feeling a little obsolete.

5 stars
My Friend's Coming Out Party

Sammy Obeid is a surprising ally of the gay community.

5 stars
5 stars
Multi-Task Driving

What not to do on the road.

4 stars
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