Ross's professional performance and writing history includes stage acting 20 years, on and off, advertising copy writing 10 years, off and on, comic book scripting, stand-up comedy and public speaking. He recently starred in the independent feature film Everything Must Go, due out in 2009.

Ross has performed in radio plays, done television and radio commercials, and was also a founding member of two murder mystery performance groups; writing, directing and acting for one, and being mildly tolerated by the other.

Acting in these mystery groups required that Ross stay in character for up to 48 hours, while guests interacted with him and other actors on the street. He once had sex with a guest and stayed in character during the entire encounter, which was a stretch of Ross's acting ability as he was portraying a woman at the time.

Ross's focus is now stand-up comedy, which he has performed across a handful of the western United States. He works primarily out of San Francisco where numerous appearances have made his resume as thick and juicy as a well-done humorous filet mignon in a jocular steak house at a mirthful strip mall.

Ross always works clean, which has made him a favorite at corporate functions, private parties and bar mitzvahs statewide.

Ross Turner
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