Hey Friend! I’m Comedy’s Ron Babcock and I’m writing in the first person instead of the third, because I don’t want to start our relationship off on a lie.

Originally from Northeast Pennsylvania, I am now a writer and performer in Los Angeles. Standup is my favorite. I’ve been to a few festivals, won a few competitions and am a regular at the Hollywood Improv. I’ve been on TV a few times. Not enough for you to go, “Can I borrow some money?” but enough to make people from my high school impressed.

I’ve also traveled the world twice by ship and am embarrassingly good at devilsticks, thanks to a belief in high school that juggling would make me cool. Spoiler alert, it did.

Ron Babcock


My Clips

5 stars
Funny Thing About Clipboards

Ron Babcock is checking off all the boxes you're afraid of.

5 stars
Soulmate Seeking

Ron Babcock is looking for his soulmate. I have a feeling he'll have whiskers and be a kitty-cat!

5 stars
Strangers on a Train

Ron Babcock has all the right moves and is not afraid to use them. You keep this up and you're gonna make Captain in no time!

5 stars
That's Like The Best Idea We've Ever Had

Ron Babcock doesn't sit. He just drapes on things.

4 stars
5 stars
Comedy's Ron Babcock - The Bus

I had to take the bus once. I know, gross. More at http://WWW.RONBABCOCK.COM

3 stars
Comedy's Ron Babcock - Subway

Bit about NYC subways. More at http://WWW.RONBABCOCK.COM

5 stars
Comedy's Ron Babcock - The Dino Bit

Comedy's Ron Babcock performs at the Punch Line in San Francisco and reads from a creationism children's book. More at WWW.RONBABCOCK.COM

5 stars
Comedy's Ron Babcock - Guitar Hero

Comedy's Ron Babcock performs at the Ice House in Pasadena, CA. More at WWW.RONBABCOCK.COM

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