Rojo Perez is a New York based comedian. He grew up in Puerto Rico,
which helped him form the humor you see in him today. After moving to
Florida for college, he began doing stand up at the age of 20 in local clubs
and small café’s in Central Florida. Since moving to the Northeast, he
has become a regular in the NY comedy scene. His comedy
shows a confident story-based humor with sprinkles of observation. Rojo
is a regular at The Creek and The Cave in NYC. He has also performed at Caroline’s, The Comedy Studio, The Improv, UCBNY and many other clubs around the US. In 2012 he was featured at the New York Comedy Festival and at the inaugural LA Riot Comedy Festival. His future plans include one day earning enough money that relatives will ask to borrow and continuing to spread laughter regardless of race, religion and gender.

You can catch more of Rojo Perez's comedy in NYC!

Rojo Perez
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