Rob Haze is a comedian from Atlanta, and former student at the University of Georgia.

Rob Haze

My Clips

5 stars
10% Of Your Brain

Rob Haze helps debunk an urban myth.

5 stars
I Get Robbed A Lot

Rob Haze has been the victim of a silly crime.

5 stars
Rich Jerks In The Sky

Flying cars are the future, but the future may not be fun for everybody.

5 stars
5 stars

Rob Haze is uber pumped on Uber.

5 stars
Mouth Breather

Rob Haze struggles as a man who must breath through his mouth.

5 stars
Essential Vitamins And Gluten

Rob Haze doesn't really understand the gluten craze sweeping America.

5 stars
Flying Cars

Rob Haze explains why he wishes flying cars were developed way back in 1998.

5 stars
Whats Not Hip-hop

Rob Haze explains what is and what is not authentically hip-hop.

5 stars
Perfect Interruption

Rob Haze gets interrupted by a siren.

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