You know, an enormous number of comics - including the vast majority of those who pass through the friendly little place we like to call Cap City - maintain career objectives that include aspirations toward acting in a sitcom, or writing for one. But, hell, Robert Hawkins has already done both - in the same series, no less: the late, lamented Titus.

Indeed, he was hired as a story editor, which means he wrote a script or two per season, and contributed mightily to the scripts written by his colleagues, adding jokes, improving dialogs, etc. Before long, his work in the writers room so impressed the Fox producers - who also knew of his acting aspirations and abilities a few years prior, he had landed a development deal with Fox - that they cast him in a recurring guest role as Titus' brother-in-law, Michael.

So when it comes to working in network television, while we wouldn't exactly say "been there, done that" - we're guessing that under the right circumstances, he might be persuaded to return to such work - he has logged that experience, and his passion for stand-up has never wavered.

Not coincidentally, perhaps, he's always had a tremendous flair and a considerable gift for it. One measure of this would be his results over the years in comedy competitions, or similar enterprises.

For example, in 1993, he won the California State University Comedy Competition, while the next year he was a finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, a contest as venerable and prestigious as Funniest Person In Austin. Then, in 1996, he wowed audiences and industry figures in Montreal at the Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival, which led to Robert being awarded the aforementioned Fox development deal.

In 2001, he was voted one of the 25 top comics in the country in a poll of comedy club owners nominating candidates for the American Comedy Awards. And, perhaps needless to say given all these victories, achievements and accolades, he's starred in his own Comedy Central half-hour special, appeared on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien," and a slew of other TV shows.

Still, when all is said and done about his work - cable TV, network TV, writing, acting, etc.--Robert Hawkins' first love is performing comedy in a club in front of a live audience, and obviously he's pretty damn good at it. Do you want to miss that? Didn't think so.

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