Being positive is what life is all about for Rob Little. The force of negativity doesn't bother him. "In elementary school, kids would always pull food away from me at lunch time saying mean hurtful things like. 'Let go of my sandwich!'" And it's a good thing Rob knows how to turn everything positive, because he was "Born to be Fired." Working as a computer programmer for IBM, the Detroit born comic sent out an ALL- company e-mail saying "If you aren't happy here, quit your job and follow your dream." IBM gave him his walking papers, but getting fired led to a successful career as a standup comedian. And now it's led to a network television show, earning him a role on the CBS Summer hit "Fire Me Please." Once described to as "a Bald Chris Farley with a smack of Jack Black," Rob responded "I don't mind being bald, look at all the money I save. by not going on dates."

Rob Little

My Clips

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Flat Screen TV's

Rob Little is crazy about new technology.

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Being an Uncle

Rob Little is excited about being an uncle.

4 stars

Rob Little mourns the lost of merry-go-rounds.

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5 stars
Celeb Pick 5 stars
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