One day I had an epiphany well I say an epiphany, actually it was an ecstasy tablet with a picture of jesus on it... "the real world sucks...I wanna be a Stand. Up. Comedian." . I guess my life experiences prior to Stand Up a lot of travel, a lot of different jobs, a lot of madness and 8 years as a stagehand in entertainmenthave given me some foundation for comic observation and perspective. I know I’ve still got plenty to learn. I’m inspired to get as good as my talents will allow. This is what The Stand Comedy Club Website says about me... "... he has continued to go from strength to strength. His material is wide ranging, well crafted and superbly delivered and he has enviable vocal control and mastery of accents". "You can’t fault Australian Rowan Campbell’s assured delivery, driving though the material with slickness and confidence. His best routines are very well put-together, with proper emphasis on punchlines, while still telling a tale....and given an extra lift by the professional performance" Steve Bennett, Chortle " Demonstrative and full of energy on stage...Campbell stood up and delivered in style...the belly laughs kept coming so fast that tears were starting to could travel a long way to see this guy and you wouldn’t be disappointed." The Times* "Great energy, good material, fantastic delivery, shit haircut." " Shit! I ain’t goin’ on now...the muthaf**ka’s are yellin’ "we want Rowan Campbell back!" " Reginald. D. Hunter, Glasgow 2006 *of Shetland

Ro Campbell
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