Whether Rapping,Singing or doing Comedy. Ricky Star is known to be a Triple Threat in the Entertainment Industry. But he rather be known as Comedian Ricky Star cause Comedy is his true art form Check Out

The Ricky Star Show

"Not on your TV but on your PC"

Take the unexpected, and occasionally, the unthinkable. Now make it all accessible, refreshingly original, and downright hilarious, and you begin to have a small glimpse into the stand-up comedy of Ricky Star. Rarely taking things at face value, even the most ordinary topics are spun into new directions that only his creatively warped mind could envision. Ricky always keeps audiences on their toes by being about as predictable as a car thief whose options are running out.
He is the comedic wheelman, taking audiences on a conceptual joyride fueled by an overactive imagination. Along the way, they find humor on every corner, and taboos thrown into the ditch like a drifter with no money for gas.

Ricky Star


My Clips

3 stars
Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Comedian Ricky Star takes a stab at The Old Spice Commercials starring Isaiah Mustafa.

3 stars
Brother from another Planet

Earth is being invaded by a Brother from another planet. Who wants to eat our babies!

3 stars
Ghost of Richard Pryor

Sometimes you gotta becareful for what you wish for. Because it just might come true. Checkout Ricky Stars latest Comedy Skit where he meets The Ghost of Richard Pryor!

3 stars
Leroy Punts Kung-Fu Academy

The Ricky Star Show is back with Leroy Punt. Leroy Punt has another crazy scheme cooking to hustle you out of your money. Checkout this Latest Comedy video on The Ricky Star Show, where Leroy tries to pass himself off as a Kung Fu instructor. The craziest Kung-Fu techniques I you have ever saw!

3 stars
Lil Waynes New Album REBIRTH or is it RETART

Lil Wayne has a New Album out this year called "Rebirth". But the way things have been going for him he should have called it RETART. Lol....

2 stars
DMX on Broadway

DMX just got out of Rehab. Now he's trying to reinvent himself on Broadway. Check it out and see what happens!

3 stars
Time Out Timmy and The White Boy Mike Doll

Time Out Timmy has a new White Boy Mike Doll! Lets see what mischief WBM gets Timmy into!

3 stars

The Cable Network TLC has a brand new reality show you never seen before. Check it out!

3 stars
Black Santa

Cause he's the Blackest!

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