Ever since the Reverend Brian Dowell lost his job preaching at Camden, Arkansas’s 2nd Baptist Church and Bait Shop for undisclosed reasons, the tall, lanky 32 year old has wandered across America, bringing his satirical sermons to sinners in comedy venues everywhere.

Known for drunkenly sermonizing on grievances large and small, the “good reverend” has quickly become one of his generation’s most shocking, prolific and hilarious comedic voices. Describing himself as “Jesus’s favorite comedian”, Reverend Dowell truly puts the BLUE back in blue-collar comedy. He has gained a loyal following and placed highly in several comedy contests, including the 2007 Seattle Comedy Competition.

The Reverend Dowell proudly lives in the Bible Belt and tours consistently, performing 250 times a year, everywhere he can possibly get to. Whether the Reverend suggests why midgets be allowed in the military, recounts the painful details of his first divorce, or discusses why all musicians are going to Hell, every show is different, unique and unforgettable. The Reverend Brian Dowell takes audiences on an unpredictable high charged thrill ride through the Gospels that is guaranteed to be a humdinger.

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