I had a foreign exchange student stay in my home and everyone forgot my 16th birthday. I sold my panties to a Freshman and learned that I could make out with a Sexy American Bo-hunk of my own in the end. I met a boy who would turn into a wolf when provoked. In the end he fell in love with me ..his best friend, girl next door. And Finally, my favorite was when I arrived in Chicago, the daughter of a Army Captain! I was in Catholic school and befriended a wild girl who loved velcro... Being a dancer and gymnast I went against my fathers wishes and auditioned for Dance TV.... I ran into a a Jewish American princess with a lot of money and a big ol’ attitude...Made it to the finals and paired up with a public school boy who had a hell of a wave in his hair... Dreamy as could be I fell in love with in spite of our differences... Against all odds, we won with a catchy dance routine.. my father caught me, but once he saw me do my flips and turns he shook his fist, not with anger but with pride... As you can see I really have quite a story... so this is who I am.

Renee Gauthier

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