Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in an Italian-Americanized family, this former Second City performer is one of the youngest comedians headlining across the country. From childhood to the enduring struggles of trying to adjust to adulthood, Ray’s material touches on all of his life experiences and insecurities. His humor is smart, likeable, and energetic. Besides touring the nation’s top comedy clubs, Ray is also one of the most requested comedians on college campuses.

Based in New York City, Ray is quickly making an impact on the Manhattan comedy scene. In 2005, he made his national television debut on the Lifetime Network, where his performance at Gotham Comedy Club aired on “How Clean is Your House?” That performance led to appearances on the E! Network and Entertainment Tonight. His ‘Laundromat Sketch’ was featured in the New York Times and his ‘The Tudor’s Henry the VIII: The Real Story’ was the featured video on Comedy Central’s sister site Atom.com. He currently has his own web series on AOL’s men’s website Asylum.com. Ray also frequents the Bob and Tom Show, he’s been the featured comedian of the week on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, he’s also a regular guest on the very popular award winning podcast Keith and the Girl, and clips off his first full-length comedy CD entitled “1647 Waterbury” can be heard on SIRIUS and XM Satellite Radio.

Ray DeVito


My Clips

5 stars
Worst Gift Ever

Comedian Ray DeVito describing the worst gift that he's ever gotten from a girlfriend.

5 stars
Steven Seagal Lawman

Comedian Ray DeVito breaking down the joy of watching Steven Seagal as a real cop on the show Steven Seagal Lawman

5 stars
Every Fairytale is Horrifying

Breaking down kids stories, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty

5 stars
Coupon Books

Mom helping Ray date

5 stars
5 stars
Edison Brothers

Joke about William and Thomas Edison documentary. Unfair to compare anyone to Thomas

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