The thing that makes any comedian successful is the ability to connect with an audience. It's the quality of sharing the humor in everyday situations, which people can relate to, has made Ray Barnett one of the most bankably funny young acts in comedy. Born and raised in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. It didn't take long to discover that Ray had a natural flare for making people laugh. To pursue his dream, Ray decided to make the move to Houston, Texas! Houston is one of the nation's hottest cities pun intended for up and coming comedic talent. The gulf coast has a reputation for developing the most cutting edge performers in the business. Houston was the starting point for Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, The Vidal, Brett Butler and Janeane Garafalo just to name a few. It didn't take long for Ray to work his way up through the ranks from a rough and tumble open mic act to a polished professional. His boyish charm and natural charisma with the audience, as well as his clean, yet twisted comedy routine make Ray an ideal choice for any situation.

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