Comedy Construction is the collaboration of the twisted thoughts and crazy experiences of Randy Ciak and Ian Zagaglia.

Their style is like a combination of Jackass, Family Guy, Mad TV, and The man Show, on steroids!

Often, too raunchy for American Television, they've produced sketch comedy, acts of human stupidity, spoof commercials, pranks, and viral videos that have been featured on The German RTL Network, The So Graham Norton Show, Most Extreme compilation DVDs, Brad Lachman Productions, Fox Television, and more.

In an age where just about anything goes on the internet and network television, Comedy Construction has still managed to have many of their videos banned from youtube and even public access television.

The Comedy Construction team has its sites set on being the next step in the evolution of extreme humor. Ian and Randy are currently creating a high tech editing studio including a high tech green room. This is a major factor in helping them create outrageous visual scenarios that you couldn't legally pull off in public. Many of their existing videos incorporate the use of green screen technology.

These guys certainly bring some innovative shock value to their productions with acts such as stapling a man's scrotum to someone's forehead, a full on punch in the face as a prank, jumping off a truck at 35 MPH to tackle a snowman, lighting farts, and zapping themselves with stun-guns.

It's not all about cocks, balls, and hairy asses, says Randy. Until recently, we were all we had for talent and resources so we wrote what we could perform ourselves. Actually, it would be pretty tough to find anyone to do a lot of the things we write. As Ian says How many guys do you know that would stick their cock in a rat trap? Ian also explains “We've recently added some new talent to the team, a very hot, female fitness model along with several other gorgeous girls. We plan to add more hot female talent to the team soon and try to break away from the all male cast.

Currently, Ian and Randy write, storyboard, act, direct, edit, create props, perform and record their own original music, and act as their own cameramen. Ian and Randy promise and look forward to, soon, integrating new talent such as more hot chicks into the Comedy Construction team.

They draw most of their inspiration and ideas from actual real-life experiences as Randy has not progressed in maturity since the age of .13 and Ian retired extremely early from his career in the corporate world in favor of living at home with Mom and Dad, for the rest of his life.

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