Big Dog Eat Child is a sketch comedy group from Chicago. Big Dog Eat Child is sketch comedy for People with ADD.

We are best known for our Toby Jones video series featuring the comedian Robert Hines. The series has totaled over 6 million hits internet-wide.

We are developing more videos on our soon to be updated website at

We do live shows in Chicago, notably at the Lakeshore Theater, under the title Intergalactic Sex Rodeo. Check our twitter or website for updates on where we perform next.

Our story:

We are 9 guys from the South Side of Chicago who all went to high school and/or college together. We were all shaped and influenced by doing high school and college Speech competitions, which honed our performance skills and made us battle our talents against our peers from the south suburbs.

In college and afterward, we were in involved in various, separate sketch/improv/acting endeavors [Off-Off Campus Univ of Chicago, Potted Meat Univ of IL, Second City, iO, Annoyance improv classes and poetry slams] until finally we settled on doing our own thing.

We started in 2003 with our first sketch comedy show at Ashbary's Coffee House in Willow Springs, IL. We did free shows every two weeks in the summer and we quickly built a following that packed the small upstairs stage with fans that loved us for our brash, crisp, stupid, aggressive, and clever and offensive sketches and songs.

Over time we focused our brand of comedy and left the suburbs and challenged ourselves to become a Name in Chicago. We first started at the colleges we attended and branched out to smaller theaters, one of which was the Gorilla Tango in the Logan Square/Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago.

We did our first weekly run of shows at the Gorilla Tango, calling our show Boozelegger's Ball. The show was critcally acclaimed by the Chicago Sun-Times, Time Out Chicago, the Chicagoist, the Metromix and the Bastion. People drank, enjoyed our show and each audience left satisfied every week. We were super excited. After 6 months, we felt it was time for a new show.

We started doing stand up open mics where we were the only sketch group waiting a couple of hours to do our 5 minutes. We made friends and contacts along the way, including comedian Robert Hines.

Once we saw Rob perform, we knew he was the perfect fit for one of the sketches we wrote but wasn't quite working yet. So we tried it as a video. Under the direction of Pedro Castro, the film work by Mike Larocco, larger than life acting by Rob and the scrutiny of the final edit done by Pedro and BDEC, we thought we could have a hit.

The video was launched on Youtube on November 17th, 2008 and sat there for a month. Then, all of a sudden, the hits came flooding in. The video was then featured on Youtube and Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage skyrocketed to 500,000 hit in less than 2 months. It hit a million before February. We were super excited.

The video brought us a lot of attention. We started selling merchandise for the video and started work in filming sequels. Those sequels helped spread us and Toby Jones around the internet, winning film festivals and getting spots on TV shows.

What's next? Look out for more Toby Jones and Big Dog Eat Child's new video internet channel coming soon!

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