Rachel Gill is a comedian in San Francisco. Lives in Castro, and while wasting time between queens and cocktails she spreads sarcasm through stand up comedy, and storytelling.

With a kickass website that showcases a blog, naked pictures of her dog, and bits and pieces of past shows its worth the 30 seconds you spend on it before moving on to the porn sites :
www.rachelgillcomedy.com - but enough about you, lets talk about me.

She honed her comedy skills growing up as a chubby, hairy, acne clad young lass - she has since developed into a skinny bitch who will make you laugh till you publicly urinate.

Rachel Gill got her comedy start at the San Francisco Comedy College, where 10's of people got drunk beforehand and paid very little money to see her 'stand up comedy'.

She then moved on to 'StageWerx' "Previously Secret Information" show where 20's of people got less drunk and paid a bit more to see her tell the story of "Golf-A Pain in the Ass".

She has since moved on to sold out shows that bring 40% of the audience... proving that making fun of children and drug abuse works Everytime !

Between gigs she goes to Open Mics to try out new material in the Bay Area. This is greeted with blank stares and confusion, but the beers are super cheap and very large so you will find her there most nights.

Check me out on this site and other amazing sites by googling Rachel Gill Comedy !!

Rachel Gill

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