Project Meatball, LLC, is based in Middle Tennessee with animator Mike Salva.

Project Meatball has produced animation for animated shorts, commercials, comedy videos, children's videos and the music industry.

Animator Mike Salva grew up in Upstate New York, but now lives in Nashville because he got tired of shoveling snow. He has won a number of awards for his cartoon work. His comedies include 'Max the Hero' (made with some of the guys from 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'), 'Death Row Diet' (with Dr. Katz’s Jonathan Katz), 'Back To Life' (featured on IFC & in dozens of film festivals), and the clay-animated 'Pound Dogs'. He currently has development deals with both MTV and the Electus studio.

Sometimes more information about cartoon projects can be found on Mike Salva's Facebook page at But mostly he whines about germs and advertising. Mostly germs. Actually, that page is pretty much not worth visiting at all. If you decide to "friend" him, he won't be expecting any birthday cards from you.

Project Meatball

My Clips

3 stars

TRAILER FOR CLAY ANIMATED COMEDY about two dogs in an animal shelter. One of them is going to be put to sleep at the end of the day if he doesn't get adopted. Also, cat poop is discussed. Voiced by comedians Ryan Williams & Sean Parrott, as well as other swell folks. Produced & directed by Mike Salva. Music by Monika Herzig Acoustic Trio.

5 stars
Jonathan Katz - DEATH ROW DIET

Jonathan Katz plays a man who is on both death row and Weight Watchers. Animation by Mike Salva. With Tom Leopold.

5 stars
Max the Hero

Animated comedy about a super hero who is kind of a jerk. Directed by Mike Salva, co-written and performed by MST3K's Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy & Michael J. Nelson.

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