Peter is not your usual, all-american comedian! He can't be, he's ..romanian!! Everything started when he was only 6 years old, on his first days of school! He started talking and making funny remarks, forcing his teacher to throw the chalk at him!! Laughing..though! 40 some years later, althoug he never got the big break he hoped for, the only token spot was taken by Yakov Smirnoff Peter continues to make people laugh with his original style and act! A master at ad-libbing, Peter insists that comedy is not about memorizing jokes, it's a state of mind! You either have it or you dont! Peter sure has it! He performed all over US and Europe, took a few years off to straighten his priorities and recently he came back with the reckless abandon of an up and comming comic! Although he approaches the time for AARP membership, Peter feels rejuvenated by the new opportunities, starting with the great Boston Comedy festival and beyond!! Hollywood or not, Peter has decided that he will never stop doing what he was born to do! He just loves making people laugh and he never wants to grow up! Though, he hopes that ,maybe soon, Hollywood will realize that being from onother country and doing stand up in english is a lot more talented than whatever Fabio does!!

Peter Tudosio
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