Peter-john Byrnes has been described as having "the voice of an NPR announcer and the mind of an apocalyptic street preacher." He eschews typical subject matter in favor of informing audiences about the inevitability of human decline, the end of civilization, and other light-hearted fare. He also uses words like "eschews." He averages about two H.P. Lovecraft references a show.

Byrnes started performing stand-up professionally in 1985 at the age of seventeen and continues to this day, with the occasional decade of inactivity. He has performed at comedy clubs in Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC and his native Chicago. Known for having a particularly quick wit and mean spirit, he is much in demand for roasts and other spontaneous events, and is one of the featured contributors on the WitStream website. His comedy podcast, This Week in Despair, has listeners in over 30 countries. He is inexplicably popular in Finland.

Peter-john Byrnes

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