<p>Based out of Orlando, Florida, Pedro brings you his comedic perspective in a low key, sarcastic style. Pedro takes the audience on his overwhelming journey of marriage, kids, growing up Hispanic and anything that might pop into his head at a moments notice. </p>
<p>Whether it’s a small crowd or a crowded theater, he is sure to leave the audience laughing and remembering the 6’4” Rican Gorilla. Pedro has performed for the “National Lampoons Comedy Night School” TV Show, selected as a finalist in a nationwide search by NBC's Stand Up For Diversity and has toured internationally with “The Big Men of Comedy Tour.

Pedro Lima


My Clips

3 stars
Im Old

Pedro Lima is old and he's turning into a class "A" curmudgeon.

3 stars
Gay In The NFL

Pedro Lima has a gay NFL fantasy. You better work!

3 stars
Kids Are Vampires

Pedro Lima is making a case for driving a wooden stake through the heart of his children.

5 stars
The Bachelor Was White

Pedro Lima...I've gotta hand it to this guy. He makes the bachelor look like a real chump.

3 stars
Perverted Dog

Pedro Lima has found the dog version of himself.

5 stars
Swear Word Loophole

Pedro Lima's daughter thinks she found a swearing loophole.

3 stars
Kids Are Fun Vampires

Pedro Lima fondly remembers the good ol' days when he could see a movie willy nilly.

3 stars
3 stars
3 stars
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