I am myself a comedian, voice actor, and a martial artist. I'm into audio topography ethnography. An abuser of social networking or lurker. A thumb wrestler. I'm a bit of a bibliophile, and a music snob. My humor is free associative editorializations of topical not the ointment, ...well sometimes... anthropomorphic, paraprosdokian, spooneristic, jibber jabber jokes,and what-not. All absurdist and satirical like. I tend to preach to the choir, but I know-- not everyone is singing. My ADHD is just non-sequiturs, and run-on garden path sentences. I'm a minimalist in a feng shui. I have an excellent bedside manner-a real diamond in the buff. I once played in the musical Co-Ed Prison Sluts. I like to ride my bicycle, but my first love is skateboarding. I keep it surreal, Noam sayn'. I'm a practitioner of cell phone etiquette. I enjoy spanning time... I believe in coordinated activity in secret places, but I don't believe in conspiracy.

Paul Sigwerth

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